Quiet Silhouettes

5 video channels, installation, one sound channel

A couple exhibition with Ron Chen, ‘HAKUBIA’, Jerusalem.

"What will your life look like in 5 years? Describe your life in detail and as tangibly as you want it to look 5 years from now. '' 

Around the campfire are 5 people talking about their future in sign language. Silent communication, made possible by light only.
The hands and the face produce information, and the light generated by the fire carries it to the recipients. Fires used to be a great distance communication.
Today communication is virtual, the light of the screen bridging the distance.Digital images produce a visual language, a language in which light
emanates from the sign. The picture is the light source.

*The exhibition "Quiet Silhouettes" was set up as part of the Double Room Stay project in ‘Hakubia’ (The cube), Jerusalem.