More Then One Song- Israel Festival 2023
stage adaptation to the podcast One Song

In this stage adaptation, “One Song” presents a story of three different songs. Born from personal stories, these songs very quickly evolved into the anthems that accompanied, and still accompany, the most significant moments of Israeli life. Gali Atari, Yankele Rotblit, Eli Luzon and others join Maya Kosover and Nir Goraly to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime performance. The stage adaptation of “One Song” is an invitation to listen to an Israeli soundtrack, and admire the effortlessness with which music connects us.

Direction: Yonatan Blumenfeld
Presenters: Maya Kosover, Nir Goraly
Production: Mahelya Ofri
Video Editor: Yoav Brill
VJ: Yosef Mashiach
Light & Stage Design: Shai Dror
Sound Design: Michael Medina
Musical Direction: Nadav Hollander
Musicians Ariel Qassis, Avner Kelmer, Hagar Maoz, Alon Azizi, Yonadav Halevy, Eyal Sela, Nadav Hollander
Technical Production: Shemi Dahan

Artistic Directors, Israel Festival: Michal Vaknin, Itay Mautner