In September 2016 I moved to Paris for six months.
I arrived in the fall and very soon the temperatures dropped and winter took over. In winter the people in Paris go underground.
Wrapped in coats they are crammed into an underground tube. Entire days can be spent in the city that lies under the most beautiful city in the world.
In mornings of 0 degrees, I would enter the metro station near my house, take a line and switch to another after several stations, and then switch to yet another line,
without ever going outside.
I would walk around with the camera and take pictures of the people sitting or standing in front of me. Every hour and its people, every line and its population. I would photograph them when they weren't watching, sometimes without even looking through the camera. I would press from the hip, using only my gut feeling. Allowing the camera describe what it saw in that guy or girl who sat down in front of us.
I used to sketch in my sketchbook characters I particularly liked.