Terribly beautiful clouds

07:33 min

“...In the film ‘Trribly Beautiful Clouds’ that made especially for the exhibition at the nature Museum, Dror creates a narrative that deals with the appropriation and control of man on his environment. The protagonist's occupation in the film is cloud hunting. The film documents the hunting tactics in a documentary style ranging from a high quality "target cloud" identification to its firing by a dedicated machine. The clouds symbolize the "untouchable", divine spiritual, while the human behavior that emerges from the film is rugged, practically devoid of spiritualism that perceives nature as a resource. It is a humorous and cynical film that criticizes one's experience of cataloging and collecting and sorting the world. The dissonance between realistic semi-scientific visibility and fantastic content creates wonder about the possibility of the phenomenon, and whether it is not far the day and indeed one can not only keep "cloud" information but even to hunting one.”
Tal Bechler- Curator of “Zoom” project.

full video: https://vimeo.com/332879973